(JPDA) is an annual publication designed to display the quantitative sales of pharmaceuticals of all sectors of the Jordanian pharmaceutical market.

Sectors included:

  1. Private
  2. Public which includes the following:
    1. Joint Procurement Department
    2. Ministry of Health (MOH).
    3. Army: Directorate of Royal Medical Services (DRMS).
    4. King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC).
    5. National Diabetes Center (NDC).
    6. Universities hospitals: Jordan University Hospital (JUH) & JUST university hospital (KAH King Abdullah University Hospital).
    7. Patients’ personal imports, special permits & samples.


  1. Importation data and local manufacturing data combined to form the full report.
  2. Jordan food and drug administration (JFDA) is the source of data in this dashboard program.
  3. Data is filtered and classified using WHO Anatomical Therapeutic Classes (ATC).
  4. A Quality control process is performed on the data sets.

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